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Top 7 Reasons to Knock on Doors With Us

1. Get our candidate’s name in front of more voters.
Election day is rapidly approaching, and the more people we can talk to, the more likely they are to remember her name and vote for her.

2. Get Exercise.
Walking up and down those neighborhood streets definitely counts as your workout for the day.

3. Meet new people.
You never know who might be on your list of voters to talk to, or who might come out to block walk with you!

4. Learn more about Austin and what matters to residents.
Block walking can take you to parts of the city you may have never seen and give you the opportunity to talk to more Austinites about what matters to them.

5. See cool design ideas in other people’s homes.
Admit it, seeing how other people landscape or decorate is always fun – either to give you ideas for your own house or show you things you’d never want to do yourself.

6. You don’t have to decide where to go or what to say.
The campaign supplies you with a list of houses they’d like you to target, campaign material to hand out, and speaking points they’d like you to highlight.

7. Contribute to the democratic process.
It’s easy to feel removed from elections, especially on a national level. Block walking for school board trustees lets you get involved locally in an election that has a huge impact on those you are talking to.

Ready to sign up? Let us know when you can knock on doors with us here.

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