We think that great School Board Trustees are Superheroes. They work and live in our community, but they also volunteer to protect and support our schoolchildren. Serving as a trustee is an often overlooked and thankless job. They work long hours, make tough decisions and work together as a team to fight against threats to our kids, their teachers, and administrators. In short, they deserve our respect and our support.

The next AISD Board of trustees will make decisions that will impact Austin, our kids, and the greater community for decades to come. At Austin Kids First, we believe a new generation of superheroes will emerge to put us back on the right track, and we’re depending on you to help us find them.

We define Superheroes as candidates with…

Leadership Skills

  • Strength—Someone who will advocate for kids at all costs, and will promote high-standards in education across the board.
  • Communication—Someone who can understand and articulate the coming challenges faced by the district and can then motivate people to action behind a common mission
  • Teamwork— Someone who will join the Board of Trustees with the intention of working together…not someone who intends only to disrupt or delay the district’s agenda based on singular agendas.

Super Senses

  • Vison—Someone who is an advocate for public education and has the ability to clearly assess today’s challenges while looking towards the future of education that every kid in Austin deserves.
  • Listening—Someone who can listen to and understand the needs of parents, teachers, administrators, students and their fellow trustees.

Intuition & Intelligence

  • Reason—Someone who can understand complex issues (like budgets) and is data-driven using multiple sources from which to base their decisions.
  • Innovation—Someone who looks for new and innovative paradigms to solve some of our districts for difficult challenges.