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Get Ready for the Polls


  1. Print your ballot

    See what your ballot will look like and make a plan for who are you’re voting for. AISD school board elections are the LAST thing on the ballot. Cindy’s name is the last name.

  2. Decide when you want to vote

    Early Voting begins Monday, October 24 and ends Friday, November 4. Hours are Monday—Saturday (7am-7pm), Sunday (Noon—6pm).  Most people in Travis county vote early.  We recommend you vote early, too.

  3. Decide where you want to vote

     There are locations all over town with some operating all throughout early voting and other mobile locations change sites daily.  You can vote wherever you see a “Vote Here” sign or go to one of the mega sites:

    North – ACC Highland Mall, 6001 Airport Blvd
    West – Ben Hur Shrine Center, 7811 Rockwood Ln
    South – Southpark Meadows, 9600 IH-35 South
    East – Millennium Youth Complex, 1156 Hargrave St


  4. Know what to bring

    You don’t have to dig out that voter card they sent you, unless you just want to.  You can show up with one of the following: Texas Driver’s Licence or ID, Military ID with photo, Passport, or Citizenship Certificate with photo. For a full list of approved ID, see the Travis county clerk’s website

  5. VOTE

    You can do this. Remember the machines are not touch screen so you will have to twirl the dial and click the buttons to complete your ballot.  Once you get going, it is not hard.   We promise.  If you are feeling nervous, you can read up on the eslate machines you will use to vote.

  6. Wear your “I Voted” sticker as a badge of honor


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