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Help Wanted: “Superheroes” for AISD Board of Trustees

In recent conversations with parents and community members, it has become more clear than ever that Austin needs great school board candidates in this year’s election. We wholeheartedly agree with a recent article’s assessment that the AISD board of trustees is in need of candidates. In fact, had we been contacted for comment on the article, we would have shared our newly launched campaign to openly recruit “Superheroes” to become our next generation of school board leaders.

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AISD’s Shrinking Student Numbers…Growing Financial Crisis

AISD Recently issued a report showing a decrease in the overall AISD student enrollment——The first drop-off in student enrollment since the regional economic slump of 2001. This drop comes in spite of the fact that Austin’s economy is booming and our overall population is growing at a record pace…about 110 people per day! Similar rates of growth are being seen in virtually every sub-urban school district in our metro area. Because school funding from the state is tied to enrollment, this news could have serious implications for AISD’s budget in the coming years, especially in light of recent news reported by KVUE about another challenge facing the district.

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